3 Useful Free Indicators

3 Useful Free Indicators

Here is a list of free TradingView Indicators I created that can be used for trading Cryptocurrency, Forex, Stocks, CFD and Futures charts. I will describe each one of them. To get access, simply type their name in the public library and click on it, or click "add to favorites" to get it bootmarked.

Cyatophilum Volume

Cyatophilum Volume by cyatophilum on TradingView.com

This is a volume indicator with custom alerts.

Green dots - "Buy" alert : bullish volume spike

Red dots - "Sell" alert : bearish volume spike

Set alerts to "Once per bar" for manual trading. "Once per bar close" for automation.

This indicator should be used in combinations with other technical tools. Not every dot is a good opportunity.

MACD Divergences

MACD Divergence [ALERTSETUP] by cyatophilum on TradingView.com

This one is also open source.

Very simple script that allows to create alerts on MACD divergences.

Red background is bearish divergence (Sell alert) and green background is bullish divergence (Buy alert).

Cyatophilum RSI Divergences

[FREE INDICATOR] Cyatophilum Relative Strength Index DIVERGENCES by cyatophilum on TradingView.com

An advanced RSI indicator to help you spot divergences with the price action.

Custom alerts for Long and Short!

Check out my strategies with custom alerts and backtest !

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