TRON: Things always come in threes

TRON: Things always come in threes

Hello traders,

While Bitcoin is showing signs of weakness ...

bitcoin price chart

... some alts like Tron (TRX) give really strong bullish signals.

Here I used my Heikin Ashi Swing Trading Indicator on the weekly.

The last two buy signals in this setup have been followed by insane rallies in the past, and don't we say things always come in threes?

TRON TRX Analysis

But staying in the weekly timeframe is a bit boring... I mean it's great for some swing trades but we don't have time right?

Let's dive in the 5 minute timeframe for some scalping on Bitmex!

Using my Scalping Bot Indicator, we've been able to make some quick profits already.

> Start using my indicators for either swing trading or scalping, manually or automated ! <

Indicators used:

Cyatophilum H.A. Swing [BACKTEST] by cyatophilum

Cyatophilum Scalping Bot [BACKTEST] by cyatophilum

Do you think TRON will outperform Bitcoin once again? Tell me in the comments!

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TRON: Things always come in threes