In 2016 I made a college presentation about Bitcoin, but didn't dig further in the subject because I was focused in my studies.

In early 2017 I started doing researches and I built my own GPU mining rig.

January 2018 I begin learning technical analysis and pine script, with the goal to set up a bot that will trade while I sleep,

July 2018 I started this blog with a desire to raise awareness about this new technology that is the blockchain, and talk about its repercussions in our society.

September 2018 I thought sharing my strategies would benefit people. I am selling access to them as it takes me a lot of time to create them and backtest them.

For 2019 I will keep working on my strategies, write some blog articles, and maybe work on a web based indicator aswell as write an ebook resuming everything I learned.

I can also create and manage websites like this one, if you have a web project you can contact me at