A Proper Bottom Incoming? - Weekly Analysis - XRP BTC

Hello guys I'm starting a weekly analysis on the top 10 marketcap cryptocurrencies. Here is for XRPBTC.

On the short term I remain bearish on XRP. I think we need to properly bottom on the support zone before the next rally.

The MACD is flattening out and the RSI on the weekly failed to reach the upper line and is now flat.

On the daily chart, we can see that the following days will be decisive. My Ichimoku histogram is bearish but showing signs of reversal. Also my Trend Indicator, which is built based on Parabolic SAR, is still bearish for the moment.

That's all for today. I might update this idea in the next days so you should follow me if you don't want to miss it.

Feel free to comment your opinion and thoughts !

Written by Cyato - 2018-10-22

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