Cyatophilum Accumulation Strategy

Automated Strategy built for

An indicator to create and backtest automated strategies with the goal to accumulate bags and never sell in loss.

How it works

The accumulation Strategy

The strategy has pyramiding enabled, which means it can open several deals in a row.
It will keep buying until the Take Profit target is reached.

The indicator plots the Take Profit and Break Even line which are recalculated at each new deal.
The target corresponds to the average entry price plus a configurable percentage.

Accumulation Strategy

How to use

Create a strategy

Choose a pair that you want to hold/invest in.

Pick a chart time frame that you like, according to how often you want the strategy to place orders. A benefit of this strategy is that it can work on low time frames as well as high time frames. Just keep in mind that the smaller the time frame, the bigger the impact of fees and slippage will be on the strategy results.

Configure your entry condition. You can combine several technical indicators to trigger an entry, such as Top & Bottom, Higher Lows and RSI divergences.

Input Settings

Filter your entry signal
Add filters to strengthen your entry signal.

Configure your profit target
Use the Take Profit feature to set a target in percentage of price. You can make it trail.
There also is a Trailing Stop Loss feature but the goal of the strategy is to never sell in loss, so it is turned off by default.

Check your backtest parameters
Make sure that the initial capital and order size make sense. Since it is a pyramiding strategy, the sum of all deals should not be bigger than the initial capital.
In this example: Initial capital is 10 k, max active deals is 10, so the max order size is 1 k.
If you use % equity as order size, please note that it will create compounding.
Check the fees, by default they are set to 0.1%.
I also recommend to set a slippage.

How to backtest

You can backtest using the Strategy Tester which will give you a quick overview of the strategy results over the given period of time.
There is also a backtest panel built in the indicator that gives more detailed information such as the daily %.



Creating the bots

You can automate the strategy using the BlockchainFiesta Binance API included in your subscription.
To do so, create a bot for each strategy.
Set the default quantity of the bot. That will be your order size.
More info about the API

Binance Bot

Creating Alerts

To set your alert messages, open the indicator settings.
The buy alert message will look like this: {"bot_id":"1234567890123","order":"BUY"}
The sell alert message will sell all. So we pass the "qty" parameter using 100%: {"bot_id":"1234567890123","order":"SELL","qty":"100%"}
Note: replace the bot_id by your own bot_id.

Alert Messages

Create your alert like this.
Make sure "Any alert() function call" is set, and if you are using the Binance API, copy-paste this link into the webhook url:

Alert Settings

Link to the Script

Private Discord Server: