Cyatophilum Grid Bot

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A simple Grid Strategy

Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

How it works

Create Buy & Sell Signals

This Grid bot strategy creates buy signals when the price goes down one level or more, and sell signals when the price goes up one level or more. To avoid useless trades, the lastest traded level is disabled until another level is crossed.

Grid Bot strategy

Manual or Auto Configuration

To create the grid, one upper level and one lower level is calculated. Those 2 levels are either given by the user using "MANUAL" mode or automatically calculated by an AI. The space between these two levels are then divided equally into several steps, creating the grid.

Grid manual auto configuration

Up to 20 levels

The number of steps is chosen by the user, from 3 to 20.

Grid 20 levels

How to use

Configure your strategy

Select either "MANUAL" or "AI" strategy.

When using "MANUAL", you have to configure an upper level and a lower level.

When using "AI", the up/lower step is calculated using high/lowest of 100 bars of higher data, plus a percent increased range.

Select the grid quantity, from 3 to 20.

Grid Bot strategy parameters


Use the Strategy Tester

To use the Strategy Tester, you must use the BACKTEST version of the indicator.

The strategy will buy 1 contract when a BUY signal appears and sell 1 contract when a SELL signal appears. Here 1 contract = 1 BTC.

Grid Bot List of trades


The strategy has pyramiding enabled, which means it can buy up to 20 contracts.

The Backtest info panel is here to show how many trades are open in the backtest.

Note: these backtest results are a snapshot from 25th april 2020 and are subject to change as new trades are coming in.

Grid Bot Backtest results

Automated Signals / Alerts

1. Configure the Alert Setup

To create alerts, you must use the ALERTSETUP version of the indicator.

Configure the indicator the same way you did with the backtest version.

Keep in mind which alert type is used. "Once Per Bar Close" will wait candle close to confirm a trade and ignore wicks. "Once Per Bar" will trigger a trade if price crosses a step anytime inside a candle.

Grid Bot AlertSetup configuration

2. Create the alerts

When opening the alert popup, select "Cyato Grid" in the condition.

Available alerts:
- BUY : Buy alert. Green label on chart.
- SELL: Sell alert. Red label on chart.

Make sure to use the same alert type as in the indicator: "Once per bar close" or "Once per bar". Click Create.

Grid Bot AlertSetup configuration

Sample use cases

Crypto: BTC/USDT 5m


Crypto: ETH/USDT 5m




Futures:ES1! 3m

Futures ES1!

Stocks:AAPL (Apple) 1m

Stocks Apple

Link to Alert Setup Study Script

Link to Backtest Strategy Script

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Access to All Indicators in 24 hours!

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How to use the indicators in TradingView

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Knowledge Base

  • When I create an alert, how do I choose between "Once per bar" and "Once per bar close" ?

  • A "Once per bar" alert will trigger on the first tick of the bar which alert condition is true. A "Once ber bar close" alert will only trigger at bar close if the alert condition is still true at bar close.

  • Use "Once per bar" for manual trading. The alert will trigger sooner but is not as strong as if we waited bar close. Profits and risks are increased.

  • Use "Once per bar close" for automated trading. Unlike "Once per bar", a "Once per bar close" alert of the same type (buy or sell) cannot trigger more than once in a row. Thus it is suited for a trading bot which send buy and sell orders to a broker. Also those alerts correspond to the backtest results given buy the backtest version given with each indicator.

  • Should I expect repainting issues with any of the Cyatophilum Indicators ?

  • I code my indicators in such a way that each candle is calculated from previous candles data only. I do not use the security function which I know is currently bugged and causes repainting issues. Alerts are hosted on TradingView servers.

  • Can I use the Cyatophilum Indicators on other markets than cryptocurrency ?

  • Yes, all of my indicators work on most of TradingView's markets. You can trade Forex, Indexes, stocks, futures and CFD. Do not hesitate to join me on my Discord Server and I will help you configure the indicators for your favorite asset.

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All investing involves risk, do not invest more than you are willing to lose. Past results may not be indicative of future results. By purchasing this indicator, you are not garanteed to make profit.

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