Cyatophilum VWAP Strategy

Automated Strategy built for

An indicator to backtest and automate VWAP custom strategies.

How it works

Understand VWAP

VWAP stands for Volume Weighted Average Price.
It is like a simple moving average that takes volume into account.
It is used by a lot of traders since it has everything one needs to know: price and volume.
The cummulated volume calculation resets every session, which interval can be configured.
From that we can calculate the MVWAP and the Standard Deviation Bands and create strategies around that.


How to use

Trend Mode

Trend Mode is the name for strategies built upon VWAP and price/MVWAP cross, most often for Swing Trading on high timeframes trending markets.
The side traded is often long and trying to beat Buy & Hold.
The trade exit can be triggered by a reversal signal (top chart), or a trailing stop (bottom chart) and take profit.

VWAP Trend Mode

Rotation Mode

This is the mode for Intraday on low timeframes. It will work best on ranging markets.
We use the Standard Deviation Bands to buy/sell the price at overbougth/oversold levels.
The indicator allows to create complex entry conditions such as "Break out of 3rd bands AND break back in 2nd bands" within a certain amount of time.
We will use either the exit options to close the trade when prices reach an opposite band, or the risk management features explained below.

VWAP Rotation Mode

Risk Management

Stop Loss and Take Profit

Configure your stop loss and take profit for long and short trades.
You can also make a trailing stoploss and a trailing take profit.

Stoploss and Take Profit

Safety Orders (DCA)

Just like 3commas bots, you can create a strategy with up to 100 safety orders.
Configure their placement and order size using the price deviation, step scale, take profit type (from base order or total volume), and volume scale settings.



How to backtest

You can backtest using the Strategy Tester which will give you a quick overview of the strategy results over the given period of time.
There is also a backtest panel built in the indicator that gives more detailed information such as the daily % or the Buy & Hold comparator.


Automated Alerts

Creating Alerts

The indicator is using the newest alert system:
1. Write your alert messages in the indicator settings (alert section at the bottom)
2. Click "Create Alert" as usual, but choose "alert() function calls only"
3. Give you alert a name

Alert system
Alert system

Pre-configured charts, ready to use

If you do not feel like creating your own strategy, you can pick up one of the many already created by the community.

These charts are available on my Discord Channel

Link to the Script

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