Cyatophilum Universal Oscillator Trader

Automated Strategy built for

An indicator to backtest and create an infinite number of strategies using any external indicator.

How it works

An indicator for backtesting and alerts

A single indicator will do the backtesting using TradingView's Strategy Tester and a custom backtest panel with additional information.


How to use

Create your own strategy

Using the indicator inputs, quickly create an infinite number of strategies.
It starts with building your entry condition, using an external or a built-in indicator.

Indicator settings

Entry Filters

Filter your entry condition by removing unwanted trades.
Filter Trades using 1 or 2 moving averages and the Entry filters.

Indicator settings
Indicator settings


Set your Take Profit and Stop Loss settings directly in the indicator.

Indicator settings
Indicator settings

Safety Orders

Create up to 100 safety orders with configurable options for step and volume scaling, take profit from total volume, base and safety order size.

Indicator settings

Create Alerts

You can also create alerts for any of the strategy events (long/short entry/SL/TP/DCA)

Indicator settings

Link to the Script

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