Cyatophilum Smart Rebalance Strategy

Automated Strategy built for

An automated strategy that beats holders while keeping your portfolio repartition stable.

How it works

The Smart Rebalance Strategy

The user chooses a certain number of pairs, up to 4 pairs for now. An initial capital, a fees % and a rebalance timeframe.
The capital is split equally between each pair. (ex. for 2 pairs: 50% on each).
On each rebalance time frame (on the bar it happens), pairs balance who grew bigger than 50% will be redistributed to other pairs, making sure that after the transaction, the total capital is once again split equally through all pairs. This means selling pairs whose price went higher than the others, and buying those who dropped. In other words, selling high and buying low.

Smart Rebalance Strategy

How to use

Indicator Settings

Open the indicator settings to configure your strategy.
Select the pairs you want to use and the rebalance timeframe.

Input Settings

Backtest Panel

Use the Backtest Panel to compare your strategy to holders and find the best rebalance timeframe.

Backtest Panel

Data Window

Use the Data Window to track the strategy pairs balances on each bar.

Data Window


Creating the bots

You can automate the strategy using the BlockchainFiesta Binance API included in your subscription.
To do so, create a bot for each pair used in your strategy.
Make sure the quantity is set to "Fixed". You can use any default quantity.
More info about the API

Binance Bot

Creating Alerts

To set your alert messages, open the indicator settings.
You can use the placeholders {pair}, {order_direction} and {quantity} to get their values replaced by respectively the pair ticker (symbol name without the exchange prefix), the order direction "BUY" or "SELL", and the quantity amount in quote currency.
Example of message using the BlockchainFiesta Binance API: {"bot_id":"1234567890123","order":"{order_direction}","qty":"{quantity}"}

Alert Messages

Create your alert like this.
Make sure "Any alert() function call" is set, and if you are using the Binance API, copy-paste this link into the webhook url:

Alert Settings

Link to the Script

Private Discord Server: