Cyatophilum Heikin Ashi Swing

Automated Strategy built for

A Swing Trading Indicator

This kind of strategy is a safe long term investment, usually played in high timeframes such as 4H, 1D etc. It is perfect for beginners in trading as the process is very simple: buy and sell as soon as you receive the alert. The high timeframes allows to trade manually by receiving alerts on your phone or email, but you can also automate it.

Beat Buy & Hold

The primary goal of these strategies is to increase your capital faster than someone simply holding the asset. A comparator comes built-in the strategy to help your backtest.

Beat Buy & Hold

How to use?

Creating Alerts

The indicator is using the newest alert system:
1. Write your alert messages in the indicator settings (alert section at the bottom)
2. Click "Create Alert" as usual, but choose "alert() function calls only"
3. Give you alert a name

Alert Messages
Creating the Alert

How does it work?

An Heikin Ashi Strategy used on real candles

The Heikin Ashi candles are very usefull. This strategy is built upon H.A. candles but is used on normal candles, because H.A. candles price are an average of real candles and we want to know the real price. I did the trick by recalculating the H.A. open, high, low and close with the original formula from the real candle's ohlc. This allows me to use the strategy tester and backtest with real results.

Backtest version

How to backtest

You can backtest using the Strategy Tester which will give you a quick overview of the strategy results over the given period of time.
There is also a backtest panel built in the indicator that gives more detailed information such as the daily % or the Buy & Hold comparator.
Find the best timeframe for this strategy, ie. the one that gives the higher net profit for a fixed period of time.
The trades are made with no leverage and 100% equity. You can use several strategies at once, in this case split your equity accordingly.

Backtest version

Best configurations

Top 8 Most profitable BTC pairs

Top 8 BTC markets
Parity BTC Timeframe Net Profit % Max Drawdown % Nb Trades
ONT 12H 542 39 50
LINK 2D 382 30 13
ENJ 3D 308 27 9
TRX 3D 238 16 5
HOT 3D 173 8 5
ETH 8H 148 29 74
IOST 4D 140 0 3
ATOM 8H 118 27 29

Top 10 Most profitable USDT pairs

Top 8 USDT markets
Parity USDT Timeframe Net Profit % Max Drawdown % Nb Trades
LINK 12H 393 19 30
BNB 1W 332 0 1
DASH 8H 186 15 38
BTC 8H 165 8 43
LTC 2D 111 23 6
ONT 6H 111 31 67
ZEC 8H 91 28 35
ADA 1W 90 0 1
VET 4D 80 2 3

More backtest results can be found on my Discord channel.

Link to the Script

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