Cyatophilum SmartStrategy Maker

Automated Strategy built for

Introducing the revolutionary SmartStrategy Maker, your ultimate tool for enhancing your trading strategies and maximizing profits.

Unlimited Strategies

SmartStrategy Maker

Connect any of the indicators from the TradingView community to the strategy. The entry and exit conditions allow you to define precise criteria for entering a trade. Choose from a variety of options, including crosses, crossovers, above, below, etc. Combine multiple conditions using logical operators to capture the perfect entry and exit point.


Risk Management features

Stop loss

To manage risk effectively, the Cyatophilum SmartStrategy Maker provides a built-in stop loss feature. Set a percentage value to safeguard your investments from unexpected market movements


Take Profit

Additionally, you can set multiple take profit targets to capitalize on favorable price movements.

Safety orders

The Cyatophilum SmartStrategy Maker goes beyond traditional strategies. It empowers you with safety orders, also known as DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging). Activate the safety order feature to automatically place additional orders at predefined price deviations. Enhance your risk management and improve your chances of profiting in volatile markets.


Backtesting and alerts

Before deploying your strategy, backtesting is crucial. The Cyatophilum SmartStrategy Maker allows you to define custom start and end periods for your backtests. Analyze your strategy's performance and make data-driven decisions based on historical market data.

But it doesn't stop there! The Cyatophilum SmartStrategy Maker keeps you informed with powerful alert features. Receive notifications for entry and exit conditions, stop loss events, take profit events, and safety order triggers. Stay connected to the market, even when you're away from your screen!


Are you ready to take your trading to the next level? The Cyatophilum SmartStrategy Maker is here to revolutionize your approach to trading. Unlock the power of algorithmic trading and make informed decisions with confidence.

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