Cyatophilum Scalper

Automated Strategy built for

A Day Trade Engine

This Day Trading Indicator allows you to build your own strategies, backtest and alerts.

How does it work ?

A choice of indicators

The particularity of this indicator is that it contains several built-in indicators, that you can choose in a drop down list, as well as a proper risk management system.

Input settings


Low timeframes spot trading, with simple buy and sell orders.

Buy & Sell


A strategy for low timeframes trading.

Trend Scalping

Support/Resistance BREAKOUTS

Trade low timeframes pivot points breakouts.

Trend Scalping


Lots of trades in low timeframes.

Trend Scalping

Stop Loss System

Stay safe. Configure your stop loss in TradingView! The integrated Stop Loss system will trigger an alert to exit the trade. You can secure your profits with the trailing system!

Stop Loss Feature

Take Profit System

Secure your gains. The integrated Take Profit system will trigger an alert to exit the trade. Use the Trailing Take Profit feature to make even more profits!

Stop Loss Feature


DCA stands for Dollar Cost Average. The idea is to open additional orders from the base order so as to improve risk management.

Stop Loss Feature

How to use this indicator ?

How to Backtest

You can backtest using the Strategy Tester which will give you a quick overview of the strategy results over the given period of time.
There is also a backtest panel built in the indicator that gives more detailed information such as the daily % or the Buy & Hold comparator.

The Backtest version

Automated Alerts

The indicator is using the newest alert system:
1. Write your alert messages in the indicator settings (alert section at the bottom)
2. Click "Create Alert" as usual, but choose "alert() function calls only"
3. Give you alert a name

Alert messages
Creating the alert

Pre-configured charts, ready to use

If you do not feel like creating your own strategy, you can pick up one of the many already created by the community.

These charts are available on my Discord Channel

Advanced User Guide

Link to the Script

Private Discord Server: