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An automated Strategy for trading XRPBTC on BINANCE

Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

The goal of trading XRP against BTC is to increase your amount of BTC. XRP is in the top 5 Coins of all time and despite being most of it owned by the banks, its bull rallies are really fast and volatile so it's very important not to miss them!

Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

How does it work?

A Buy and Sell Strategy

The goal of this Buy and Sell strategy is to beat the Buy & Hold. Built upon my generic indicator Cyatophilum Altcoins Trader, this Strategy creates buy and sell signals that can be used for manual or automated trading. This one is already configured for trading XRP/BTC. with BINANCE exchange in a 1 day timeframe. This is the best configuration I could find from the backtesting I did with my generic script.

How does it work

Never miss a new rally!

This strategy using a combination of Parabolic SAR and Tilson T3 Line, which is a strong tool to buy at the right time. An integrated 10% trailing stop loss will reduce the risk!


Beat Holders!

Sell and save your founds instead of simply holding over time.

Sell signals

Past Results

I choose the 1 Day timeframe because this is where I get the best net profit / profitability ratio. The results here are with data starting after the December 2018 bull run, the biggest rally in history. I decided to exclude it to get more realistic results. Results are calculated using 100% equity from a 10 000$ capital and a 0.05% commission fee on each trade.


How to use

Add the indicator to your chart

In the top menu, go into the indicators list. Then click on Invite-Only Scripts and select the script "Buy & Sell - XRPBTC:BINANCE 1D Trading Bot". It should then appear on your chart.

Add the indicator to your chart

Create the Buy Alert

In the right menu, there is an Alerts tab. Click on the + button to create an alert. In the condition, select the indicator and "1. BUY". Then in the option, select "Once Per Bar Close". Make sure the Expiration time is far enough in the future. Choose how you want to receive the alert : email, phone, or other notifications.

Add the indicator to your chart

Create the Sell Alert

Repeat all steps to create the sell alert. The only thing changing is the condition "2. SELL" in the Alert box.

Add the indicator to your chart

Autoview Syntax

Autoview is an app allowing you to connect TradingView alerts to your exchange, in order to automate the process.

Buy Alert

The first line is used to close any already opened order just in case. You should have enough btc corresponding to the quantity you want to buy.

Add the indicator to your chart

Sell Alert

I use market orders because I want to be sure the order is filled but you can also use limit with a % price cut.

Add the indicator to your chart

Link to Alert Setup Study Script

Link to Backtest Strategy Script

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Access to All Indicators in 24 hours!

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How to use the indicators in TradingView

Once I grant you access, you will receive a notification.

Then, to access the Cyatophilum indicators, simply click on 'Indicators' at the top of a live chart,

Finally, click on “Invite-Only Scripts”. There you will see the Cyatophilum indicators.

Click on an indicator to activate it. Start trading!

Knowledge Base

  • When I create an alert, how do I choose between "Once per bar" and "Once per bar close" ?

  • A "Once per bar" alert will trigger on the first tick of the bar which alert condition is true. A "Once ber bar close" alert will only trigger at bar close if the alert condition is still true at bar close.

  • Use "Once per bar" for manual trading. The alert will trigger sooner but is not as strong as if we waited bar close. Profits and risks are increased.

  • Use "Once per bar close" for automated trading. Unlike "Once per bar", a "Once per bar close" alert of the same type (buy or sell) cannot trigger more than once in a row. Thus it is suited for a trading bot which send buy and sell orders to a broker. Also those alerts correspond to the backtest results given buy the backtest version given with each indicator.

  • Should I expect repainting issues with any of the Cyatophilum Indicators ?

  • I code my indicators in such a way that each candle is calculated from previous candles data only. I do not use the security function which I know is currently bugged and causes repainting issues. Alerts are hosted on TradingView servers.

  • Can I use the Cyatophilum Indicators on other markets than cryptocurrency ?

  • Yes, all of my indicators work on most of TradingView's markets. You can trade Forex, Indexes, stocks, futures and CFD. Do not hesitate to join me on my Discord Server and I will help you configure the indicators for your favorite asset.

Satisfaction guarantee

If you are not satisfied the Cyatophilum Indicators , email me at within 14-days and you will be fully refunded.

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All investing involves risk, do not invest more than you are willing to lose. Past results may not be indicative of future results. By purchasing this indicator, you are not garanteed to make profit.

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